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Please refer to your homeowner manual provided to you at your orientation walk through for information on your warranty. This manual will help explain what is covered by your warranty.


If you are experiencing an emergency warranty issue (loss of power or heat, water leak, etc.) outside of normal business hours, please contact the appropriate subcontractor on the Emergency Contact Information list within your manual (and please also fill out a warranty claim on this page below for our records).

Please complete the form below and a warranty representative will contact you to schedule an appointment.


as defined in the warranty manual, include the following:

Complete loss of electricity - Contact PGE at 503.228.6322 prior to reporting the issue to Westwood Homes or to an electrician.

Loss of water - if from a leak requiring water shutoff, contain the damage as well as possible before calling Westwood Homes. If the water loss is due to lack of service, contact the utility company before reporting the issue to us or to a plumber.

Major roof leak - contain the damage inside as well as possible and contact Westwood Homes for remedy.

Gas leak - LEAVE THE HOME IMMEDIATELY and contact NW Natural Gas at 503.226.4210.

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